profile photo : sara blackthorne

I’m glad you found your way here.

I’m Sara Blackthorne: writer, editor, storyteller, and all-around magick maker. Using my training as a writer, my experience as an editor, my passion for connecting with people, and my experience building meaningful rituals, I’m navigating the world back-stage. My happiest places are shining a spotlight on the incredible talents of other writers, nurturing and encouraging their work into the world.

I’ve got an eye for detail and a hunger for truth. Somewhere in the space between therapeutic journaling and pure creative non-fiction lives my work: hunkering down with a pen and pages upon pages of writing to shine light into the truths you are birthing into the world. My deepest desire is to bring that truth into the world with you — no strings, not even the expectation that you’ll thank me in your next award speech. This work is what feeds me. Like a midwife who catches hundreds of children as they enter the world, I am here to catch your baby, wipe away the blood and fluid and present to you and everyone a work that is clear, deep, and full of life.

I’d love to help you bring your next work into the world.